By Patricia Lago (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Toon Jansen (Het Expertise Centrum, The Netherlands) and Marten Jansen (Océ Technologies, The Netherlands)

Abstract: Carbon emission of IT is an issue. ICT energy consumption is expected to grow by 73% (instead of the originally targeted 26%) until 2020, and the service sector alone counts for 70% of the European economy. Energy consumption is a combination of what we use, and how we use it. Most green initiatives look at what types of devices do consume energy, and try to optimize their up-time as such. Few initiatives, though, measure how do software systems actually use these devices, with the goal of optimize consumption of devices and computing resources. Basic research is needed to address this software optimization problem. The proposed approach is to make visible the environmental impact of software services by measuring it. In this way, we will become aware of the amount of energy needed by our software, and hence target software optimization where mostly needed. In this paper we present our approach to service-based applications, and identify open research directions.