By Maurizio Morisio, Marco Torchiano and Antonio Vetro, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Abstract: Energy efficiency is finally becoming a mainstream goal in a limited world where consumption of resources cannot grow forever. ICT is both a key player in energy efficiency, and a power drainer (10% of energy demand in 2009 – To reduce the power consumption of both installed ICT equipment, and to design future energy efficient equipment it is essential to have precise figures of the current consumption. Today these figures are incomplete and not precise. The goal of this proposal is to build a software framework capable of collecting power consumption data from fixed and mobile terminals in a network (PCs, servers, mobile phones, etc). The framework should be easy to install and operate, scalable and – of course – energy efficient. Data collection on power consumption is made on three levels: global, per hardware component (CPU, disk drive, peripherals, RF devices), per software function (OS, services, applications). The framework offers (software) power gauges to be installed seamlessly on terminals, an XML data format to represent power consumption, and repositories to store the data collected. The goal of our idea is to understand:

  • Real measurements on systems’ power consumption,
  • Relationships between power consumption and usage/characteristics of applications,
  • Relationships between power consumption and user characteristics,
  • Systems/applications that need improvements in order to be more efficient,
  • The effect of machine based power reduction techniques,
  • The effect of human based power reduction techniques.